My ultra-boring life

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I had to go in for a brain MRI this morning, because the trembling is getting so bad in my legs, etc. It's probably not anything like that, but we did the MRI just in case. The sad thing is it's actually probably caused by one of my medications, which saddens me. It's an atypical anti-psychotic called Abilify that is crazy expensive and really helps me with anxiety and depressive thoughts. I've said this before, but it's really weird how a pill can change the way you think. At any rate, the doctor is recommending that I decrease or eliminate my dosage of Abilify to stop the tremors, but to be honest, I'm afraid to. My depression is barely under control as it is, I'm afraid to take away any of my medications. But who knows? Maybe the negative side effects are more than I thought and it will really help to lessen my dose. I'll have to talk to my psychiatrist and see. In the meantime, I'm rather interested in seeing the scan of my brain. coooooooooool!

Along the same lines, school starts in a month and I'm scared. I only have 1 class that I've gotten into so far, but I'm even afraid of that because I'm just so lazy lately! We shall see......

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sharing Parenting

How territorial are you about your parenting? As someone who can't have kids, I find myself in no opportunities to see how I would be, but plenty of opportunities to have parenting 'shared' with me. I find that it's a subject of much offense on one side or the other, but people are so different in how they do it that it's impossible to tell until you've offended. For instance, on one end of the spectrum, you have the people who actually rely somewhat on others and they get peeved if other people don't stop their kids from misbehaving when the opportunity arises. On the other end, you have the people who yell at you for simply repeating what the parent said. I don't know which I would agree with more. I mean, I don't like the idea of people disciplining my kids willy-nilly, especially for things I don't agree with. On the other hand, kids are HARD to raise and I'm not super territorial, so I think I would appreciate a little reinforcement of my discipline every now and then. At any rate, I don't know what's best. What's your style?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Chaos Factor

I'm down in Oklahoma for a few days for my sister's wedding and to visit my family. It's hot and humid (heat index of 115 yesterday!) and I'm consistently lost even though I grew up here, but I'm having fun. Mostly. One thing I don't like about being around my family is the chaos factor. Some of that is just because there's just so darn many of us but most of it is simply severe FTP (Failure To Plan) syndrome, flavored generously with I Won't Make a Decision and a sprig of I Refuse to Take Charge. Most of the time the offending family members are TRYING to be nice, not step on toes and such, or just not bother people, but when no one is doing what needs to be done, especially in a timely way, then things end up painfully messy. Most of the people in my family shrug and say 'oh that's just the way things are,' but really they need to admit to themselves that Yes, You Are The Problem. And people continue to suffer. It's really a shame, because my family is terribly nice and accommodating. At any rate, I've gone through a lot of years of therapy and I'm medicated now so it doesn't bother me nearly as much as it used to, though when I'm here I often feel the urge to be The Responsible One (aka The Mean One) again. I still love my family and I don't like watching them hurt themselves and others this way, but I can separate myself from it. Mostly.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Education Week 2010

I get to go to Education Week again this year! hooray! I really feel like I need the uplift. It's the week before classes start at Boise State so I'm cutting it a little tight but I'm excited about it.

In other news, we recently bought a new Everything's Easy album from Girlyman and I LOVE it. Oh, the harmonies! Oh, the melodies! It's so catchy! I highly recommend it. I put a few of the songs in my playlist down below if you want to try them out.


I don't like the heat. I'm a naturally insulated person, so anything above 75 degrees is uncomfortable for me. That's a major reason why I moved up here to Idaho. They say we have 4 seasons here -- almost winter, winter, still winter, and summer. I like it that way. Down in Oklahoma they have almost summer, summer, still summer, and winter. It's miserable and hot and moist. Yet I am going down there for TEN days for my sister's wedding and to visit. I must really love them. :)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

A writing question

My dad and I have been having a 'discussion' the last few weeks about writing. He says you need to write characters that do things you would never do, things that you would be morally opposed to doing. I say you don't have to do that, that in fact you need to remember to write what you know to stay believable.

I can see his point -- I mean, each of us in ourselves are limited and therefore almost shallow, and writing strictly from that perspective would be boring, trite, and predictable. But generally writing characters that we don't really know relies too much on stereotypes, archetypes, and cliche. I've seen good writers do it, and it seems so effortless when they do, but where do you even start?

I suppose questions like this are why I am seeking a degree in writing. I hope the professors and teachers can answer my questions.