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Monday, June 28, 2010

Crash and Burn

Yesterday I was wondering about the appropriateness of riding my new bike on Sunday while keeping the Sabbath day holy. My sister said that for some people, a leisurely bike ride would be fine, but for me it's exercise, and therefore work, so I shouldn't do it. Well, she was right. I'm still wobbly on the darn thing, so while trying to avoid going off of the trail last night I went off the trail and rolled down the hill and ended up near the creek with my bike on top of me. I have PLENTY of scrapes and bruises, but nothing was deeply hurt but my pride. And my basket got pretty bent up. :( Oh, and my front wheel went skeewampus, but we were able to kick that back into shape. And I cracked the visor on my helmet. But I didn't hurt my sunglasses or bike frame at all. Scared Jake pretty badly though. :) Didn't cause any anxiety attacks, though, and that's good.

I'm trying so hard to be good and brave. I did the polar bear dunk at our family reunion in McCall (brrrrr) and learned how to drive a boat (thanks Alma!) and I'm trying to be good on my bike but it's so hard! I hope it's better for me than that crash!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

About fear and depression

I'm a chicken. That's a silly, noncommittal way of saying that I'm really, really afraid. Of what, you ask? Why, life in general. At this particular moment I'm afraid of my friends or family dying, of not talking myself into riding my very cool new bike enough, of all the work I have to do, of the repercussions of my bad habits catching up with me. It's rather paralyzing, actually. I'm so afraid of life that I'm not living. So many times I wish I were like my brother Justin, because he doesn't seem afraid of anything. I tell myself that my fears don't matter, that I should do things anyway, but the fears become wordless terror and shut me down. Thinking is my nemesis. I do much better with someone there holding my hand, but I need to do these things myself. Anyone have any advice besides the overly simplistic 'just do it'?

Thursday, June 24, 2010


In case any of you have noticed, or wondered, or whatever, I have kind of a weird name. You know, not your run-of-the-mill type Jane or Jill or Jennifer. So when I was a kid and everybody was getting those personalized keychains or stickers or plates for their bike, I was sad and dejected. So even though in this computer age it has become commonplace for people to be able to get anything engraved on everything, I still thrill at being able to see those five letters put together on something. So now I am getting the ultimate in personalization -- I am getting personalized plates for my car. So if you're in Idaho and you see a plate that says DYANY, wave. Dat's me!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gonna get me a bicycle

Thanks to my wonderful Raleigh-rep brother and my dearly beloved husband, I'm-a getting me a bicycle. It's a lovely light blue and seems to be a very nice bike. I hope I ride it enough to get my money's worth from it. Ooo, I'm so excited!

Raleigh Bicycles » Venture 4.0

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Empty Nester

Dat's me. Jake left with the ward for a trek at Martin's Cove and Jeff went to a friend's house and then to his grandparents' house while I get ready and go to a family reunion, so for 24 hours at least I'm home alone. I don't know what to do with myself. I've been poking at music on grooveshark and really liking what I hear from When We Were Small by Rosie Thomas. I still likes me some pop and even some rock, but MAN my tastes are getting soft as I get older!

So, with this piddling around I now have a choice to make. Which music widget do you guys prefer? The teal grooveshark widget or the bright purple widget? Let me know and I'll move my music over to the favorite and kill the loser! (ooo brutal!)

ALSO...I have completed all the application process for BSU and made it through their hoops and am enrolled! Well, sort of...all the classes I need are full, so I'm on waiting lists, but hopefully I'll be able to get into one or two this fall. If not, I'll be on top of it this spring.

Grooveshark Widgets - Music Playlists for Your MySpace & Blog

I like Grooveshark a LOT for music on the web. Plus they let you make your own little music widget for your blog. :)

Grooveshark Widgets - Music Playlists for Your Blog