My ultra-boring life

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bursts of creativity

Friday morning I woke up early wanting to cross stitch. Such bursts of energy and enthusiasm are extremely rare with this particular depression of mine, so I got up and found all my old cross stitch stuff, found a pattern I liked, and determined that I was just in need of white embroidery floss. So after the local fabric store opened I called them to determine if they had the floss, which they did, and I went down to pick it up. I felt dumb just writing a check for 50 cents though so I browsed and bought some sock yarn and needles (I already have the book, now I just need the guts to try something as intimidating as socks) and a loverly swatch of oriental panels.

Now, I don't sew. I'm terrible at quilting. But in this burst of energy I bought those panels anyway, so I was going to need help. So I went to my good friend Amber and she helped me go back to the store and find matching material. She is a MASTER quilter, so yesterday I also went to her house and she helped me plan, cut, and sew the whole top for this project together! In one day! Normally something like that would take me, oh, about 3 years, as my friends and family will attest to. I'm excited about it now. Maybe it will take me less than a year to finish! Wouldn't that be a miracle! How do you like it?

Monday, February 08, 2010

Poor kitties!

It's tax refund season, so it's time to take care of the cats with their annual shots, bloodwork, and teeth cleaning. We have to wait until tax season because it's GOL-DURNED EXPENSIVE. Most people I talk to say that they wouldn't spend that much on cats, but they are our babies. If we had been able to have children of our own things might have been different, but as it is we want them to have as long and as comfortable a life as possible so we buy them the good food, get them their shots, and get their teeth cleaned. Unfortunately, one of the things that is required to get their teeth cleaned is they have to be knocked out. (Crud, just trying to get them in place so the vet can get to them gives me huge scratches, so I can understand why they have to be sedated!) After much yowling, and then sedation, then cleaning, we laid them out on the living room floor so they could be comfortable and safe when they woke up. However, they looked so pitiful that my nephew Jeff couldn't resist taking pictures, so here they are. Three dead-looking kitties. I'm glad they forgave me after a few hours...but then, they didn't know that I was going to post pictures of their stupor on the internet for the world to see, did they?

Another review

because I've been feeling like posting for a few days now, and I happen to have a new phone, I will review it.
It's a Palm Pre Plus with Verizon and I like it very much.

The good: Nice, easy interface. Decent built-in software. Syncs with Google for contacts, email and calendar. And it looks stunning ('specially in the shiny purple case I bought for it. :) )!

The bad: Not that many apps available, built in google maps directions aren't very good, boot up time is ridiculously long (2 minutes! We timed it!), battery life is poor (have to charge EVERY DAY even if you don't use it very much) and the sound quality isn't as good as my old Palm Treo on AT&T.

The ugly: When I bought it, the sign said it had turn-by-turn directions. It does, sort of -- VZ Navigator is right there, BUT it costs $9.99 a month to use it! Sure it has traffic and voice navigation, but I don't want to pay an extra $10 a month when my husband's Droid has the same service for FREE! Grrr. Still, I'm tempted simply because our Tom Tom's maps are so bad and expensive to update.

OK, the good list isn't as long as the others. But overall it seems to be a very good phone that does almost exactly everything I need. I like it a lot.

Just an addendum...right now the phone is on sale for only $30! And you get the wi-fi hotspot add-on for FREE! so go get one!