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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Looking at my sister-in-law's blog makes me sad that I don't have any babies to blog about. :( So I'm gonna blog about dishwashing gloves instead.

When I do dishes, I use the hottest water that will come out of the tap. Which means that I have to wear gloves so that I don't scald myself. I used to use those cheap yellow latex gloves you can get at any big box store, but they don't protect from the heat very well and they get holes in them WAY too easily. So about a year ago I found these gloves that I LOVED -- they were thick and tough, keeping out heat and sharp things easily. Unfortunately, they only came in one color (pink) and size (medium) so they were a little small, making them hard to get off, so recently my nephew accidentally put a hole in them by trying to pull them off with his teeth. So I went to Amazon, my ultimate shopping place, and found them in multiple colors and sizes! They are called True Blues and I was able to get a large purple pair and they are absolutely PERFECT -- a little spendy, but if you use gloves, these will easily pay for themselves in the time you're using them.


JoAnne Dittmer Photography said...

Yeah for Amazon!

Katie Parker said...

Dy, I love your sense of humor! I'm always poking holes in my gloves, so I'll be sure to look for those True Blue ones next time around.