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Monday, July 13, 2009

strange hybrid

no, not cars. Vegetables.
Last year we planted zucchini and white pumpkin. Both turned out okay. But this year we had an interesting 'volunteer' crop up in the garden that both Jake and I wanted to see what it was. Well, it grew big and fast and very hardy and you know what it was? White zucchini! They are fatter than normal zucchini, and mostly white (just a hint of green). Not many seeds in 'em. And, oddly enough, they taste kind of like peanut butter. Yes, peanut butter.


Laurie Ashton Farook said...

Very very very cool! I've heard of such hybrids happening, but peanut butter flavour? That's just bizarre.

Hmm. How would it taste in a chocolate zucchini cake?

sienna said...

that is so funny. i am curious about the taste also.

Katie Parker said...

Just saw weird is that?? Maybe you'll have to dip it in chocolate, like those dipped Oreos. ;-)