My ultra-boring life

Monday, December 29, 2008

Post Christmas wrap up

First, just to get this out of the way: You know you take too many pills when you open EVERY bottle by 'pushing and turning'. Bleah.

Anyway, I had a good Christmas. Did you have a good Christmas? We went to our resort in Bear Lake and it snowed all day and it was AWESOME! Though I ironically had 'there's no place like home for the holidays' in my head much of the time, it was nice to get away to a clean place for a few days and lounge in the pool and stuff. Yes, you heard me, the biggest difference there was that it was clean. Dang it I WILL have a clean house someday!

My new hard drive came in while we were gone and we just got it installed and it seems to work splendiforously so far. Took some time to move everything over, but we found a great free image maker called Macrium Reflect on and it worked quite well. Now I have a full Terabyte to waste! Hurrah! Shall I put every CD I own onto my drive, and scan every picture I've ever taken? Hm. It's a possibility now. Just have to decide if I'm un-lazy enough.

In the meantime, I need to exercise today and do the dishes. Fighting the depression we are, fighting always fighting.

Hope everyone has a great new year!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Of all the things I miss in this depression, I think the thing I miss the most is the passion. Being able to feel things strongly and express them used to be so important to me. It is really reflected in my writing -- with the passion deadened like it is now, it is nearly impossible for me to write in a way that brings emotion to the reader. And who wants to read stuff like that? Certainly not me! While reading the Twilight series recently, that became evident -- while I didn't fully appreciate her writing, one thing she did well was passion. And look at how popular she was for that! do I bring the passion back? How do I feel it again? I know I could write it if I could just feel it again....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Music -- Christmas and otherwise

I have rediscovered music. Through imeem and emusic I have been introduced to some new artists and sounds and it has made a huge difference in my life. It's amazing how much music inspires and lifts me. Sometimes I hear a song and whole scenes of books come to me, I just wish I could put it to paper with the strength and clarity that the image comes. It touches through the thick protective shell I have around myself and brings up parts of me I thought long dead. It's a marvelous thing.

Christmas music brings the spirit of the season to me especially strongly; I am so glad that we have the tradition of buying a new Christmas album every year. I highly recommend that tradition to everyone. The Sarah McLachlan Wintersong CD is especially nice. I'm listening to it right now.

Find the people you love and tell them you love them. Every day. It's so fleeting.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well for all of you who would rather receive a Christmas card, I'm sorry, I'm too lazy for that. This is what you're getting.

I've already received one Christmas present, on accident. I got home from scouts one evening to see a nice big Brother box on the porch which Jake hadn't noticed and hidden. Amazon had shipped my new laser printer (yay!) in its original box (boo!). It's really nice. Prints faster than our old one and hooks directly to the network so we don't have to leave the computer on to be able to print. Whee! Technology!

We're going to one of our resorts in Bear Lake for actual Christmas this year. I've already put a plethora of Christmas music on a CD for the long drive and I'm so excited!

Jake should be getting a double raise and some back pay this Friday so we'll have enough money for the holidays. Overall I'm just plain excited. I love Christmas. I wish I could spend it with my family but we'll have to just save up to be able to do that next year. I wonder how that will work with foster kids? I don't know, I guess I'll have to ask at our class next month!

Three things to update you on news-wise: 1) We've almost completed the process for fostering. We have to take a class next month (like 30 hours of class) and my mom is coming next month to help get the house ready and then we'll be done! I hope to have a kid or 2 in the house by February. 2) I've been working a lot on my book. It's getting better, if you ask me. Silly anxiety. Why did I ever listen to you? Anyway, if you are interested in reading it, let me know and I will e-mail you a copy! I could always use more input! 3) I'm back in counseling, which is helping with the writing and getting the house ready. It's hard work though. Stupid depression.

Otherwise, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! See you around!