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Friday, November 30, 2007

Music and stuff

First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMO!!! Not that she reads this. But you know, it's out there now. :)

Then I wanted to talk about this uber-cool website for music-type people. It's got the typical cool stuff that any e-commerce site should have: a wishlist (that you can save and even send to other people), recommendations, etc. But the cool thing is the product. As most of you from anything smaller than a major metropolis know, it can sometimes be hard to find good sheet music. Most stores have pretty small collections, esp. if you want more than simple, or classical, or movie music, or anything using different instruments. But has just about EVERYTHING (except much female barbershop music. Sigh. Nobody's perfect). You put in what you play, how you want to play it, and it will find music for you. PLUS, one of the nicest things as a contralto vocal performer, I can TRANSPOSE almost everything I buy to a key that sounds better with my voice. Sure, I can get up to the E above middle C if I have to, but I don't sound too good up there. However, give me something that gets to the E BELOW middle C, and I actually sound halfway good! So I transpose it, I can hear a sample, I can see a sample, and I buy it and I get it immediately right off my printer. It's so nice. So go and check it out and buy something. And no, I don't get any commission. ;P

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

more stuff and more

No, I'm NOT going to talk about Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for stuff but I try not to be thankful just once a year, so aside from the yumminess of turkey and stuffing, there's not much to talk about there. Maybe once we move to Oklahoma one of these days it will be different.
I AM going to talk about Pushing Daisies real quick, though. Tonight was another brilliant episode. Where do they come up with such clever, unique plots and witticisms? Not only was the overall plot unique and clever, but the side bit about Chuck's aunts dealing with depression was wonderfully profound as well. Man I can hardly handle how much I love this show.
Christmas is coming and it's driving me nuts. There just isn't enough money in the pocketbook to get all of the cool things I want to get for people. And I receive too dang many cool catalogues in the mail. Like Penzey's and Patternworks and King Arthur Flour. Not to mention all the goodies you can still find at Amazon and Costco even without a temptingly colorful catalogue. So hey, you, go to those stores and buy cool stuff and tell me about it. That way I can get my Christmas shopping fix through you at least. :) Happy Holidays!

Oh and speaking of holidays, my barbershop group is performing at the Old Time Christmas pageant thingy in Kuna at the Old High School Gym on the 1st of December at 1:00. Actually -- we'll be singing solos because one of the ladies can't make it but you should come hear us sing anyway!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Funny Old Story...

A friend reminded me that I also have some good old stories I can tell on here so I figure I would regale you with some of my college exploits. Since that's the only time I ever really did anything interesting anyway. ;)

Anyway, it was a Friday night and I was studying and making cinnamon rolls. My roommate Katie and I lived in an old 1920's quadriplex with an old gas stove that was nearly as old as the apartment (that place was AWESOME). The oven's temperature ran about 100 degrees hotter than it said (at least according to the few numbers you could still read on the dial) and it had to be lit with a match, so it was fun (remind me of the time I left my little sister there and she decided to bake something but she didn't know you had to light the oven and she almost blew up the place). ANYWAY, my roommate had accidentally barely left the gas on. I mean, BARELY. Couldn't hear a hiss. Couldn't smell the gas. But it had built up in the oven, so when I went to light the oven I barely had time to think, 'wait, was that all the way off?' and back up before a ball of flame came at my head. I shut my eyes and 'eeped' as I heard a crackle and I started slapping at my head to try and put out any flames (luckily I don't use hairspray!). My roommate heard the 'eep' and came to ask what happened. The conversation went kind of like this:
"Is my hair on fire?"
"Stick your head in the sink."

So I did, and we turned on the water to hear the great sizzle of hot meeting cold and wet. Then we moved to the tub where it was easier to maneuver and really rinsed my hair out. When I was done, there was a ring of singed hair around the tub, my hairline was pushed back about an inch, and my eyelashes looked like I had taken scissors to them. I couldn't stop laughing. Couple of things I learned about that experience:
1. It really IS an eternal law that you're not supposed to study on a Friday night! and
2. I have Eyebrows of Steel, because they weren't the slightest bit singed. What a dumb superpower to have.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Chuck and What I Did This Summer

Well, first, I have to say that I love the show Chuck a little more each week. The pilot was only mildly impressive to me -- I just thought the premise of a guy memorizing tons of things simply by being flashed images in the course of a few hours, was kind of stupid. But every week the characterizations just get better, and, let's face it, when it comes right down to it I'm a sucker for the romantical. This week's was just luscious on that front; I just find Chuck's character to be so cute (am I a sucker for the geeky or what?) that I feast upon Sarah's hidden liking of him with great delight, and I relish the fact that she now has to fight for him. Woo hoo!

Now, I have to repent of the sorry sin of neglecting an exciting tale of What I Did This Summer. It was only a week, actually, but it was still interesting. I went down to Education Week at BYU in August. Originally, it was primarily to meet friends I had met on the LDS online forum at But once I got there I was pleasantly surprised to find that the classes offered by BYU were insightful and informative, offering handy items on psychology, teaching skills, scriptures, and gospel topics. It was wonderful! I feel like it was something I was meant to be at -- mostly because of the adventure I had getting down there. First, when I was just past Logan on I-84, I was run off the road by a retard in a little blue car. There were posts on the side of the road, but miraculously I was able to barely (and I mean by INCHES) keep between the posts and the retard who ran me off the road. THEN, when I was in Salt Lake on I-15, in the midst of construction, a huge piece of metal was flipped up from the side of the road and bounced off the top of my car, missing my windshield by less than 2 inches. It being in the middle of construction, there was no shoulder so I couldn't pull off the road, and I really couldn't even slow down from the 65 mph speed limit being in th midst of traffic the way I was. I felt very blessed to make it down to Ed Week with only a dent on the roof of my car to show for my adventures!
That was the biggest adventure of the week, but I had a great time while I was down there, seeing my brother, meeting my online friends, and getting to take some great classes for not much money, it was an awesome trip that I hope to make into an annual trek.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Scrapbooking and stuff

OK, first, I must disappoint with the fact that I couldn't find any gaping plot holes in Moonlight this week. Admittedly I wasn't paying very much attention, but siiiiiighh. I actually kind of even liked the show, though it fulfilled my lame prediction that his ex-wife was going to come back and cause trouble somehow. But it worries me that I liked it. Either the show is getting smarter or I'm getting dumber. Eep!

If I weren't so busy this week I would be even more sad that there was no Pushing Daisies this week. As it was, Wednesday was a gaping hole of sad emptiness, but I survived.

Now onto scrapbooking. I must mock myself. I am not typically a person who gets onto the popular craft bandwagon. And according to my husband, I have spent much time mocking those who do things like scrapbooking (a fact which I have conveniently forgotten). Spending so much time, money, and space on putting pictures onto fancy pages seemed silly to me, I guess. But as I get older and more nostalgic, I find myself SCRAPPING and LIKING it. I have stacks and stacks of photos that bring back great memories, but as I get older, more and more of the details are becoming lost to me. And so many of them are parts of times that are so important to me that they deserve to be remembered, more than just an image, but labeled and in context. I've been creating a scrapbook of my college years and it's wonderful, remembering and putting things down, and thinking of how my descendants may now look at them someday and hopefully have an idea of what those wonderful years were like to me, so much more than simply photos in a box. I only wish my own ancestors had the ability and forethought to put such things together for us for our records. It's amazing how much is lost in a single generation.

Oh, and I have to put a plug in here for Saturn. I'm not super-keen on their lower-level cars at this point (it was downright EMBARRASSING trying to get up a mountain in Utah in August of this year -- I had no power!). However, their non-commissioned sales staff are TOP NOTCH in my book and we have always appreciated their honest approach. We research blue book values before we go look at cars, and Saturn has always offered us top dollar for our trade-ins without haggling. When we have bought used cars from them, they have typically BEAT the blue book price and have been very honest with us on the value and problems with the vehicle. But the thing that clinched my loyalty this week was this: five years ago we bought a brand-new vehicle from them and purchased the warranty with it, as we were told that we would get the money back at the end of the warranty period if we didn't use it. Well, the warranty expired in September, so a little over a week ago I called to check on the status of the refund. A simple letter giving the status of our payoff was all that was necessary and we already have received the check -- a sizable sum. Now I just wish that the Saturn company sold Priuses!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another plot hole or two

Man, this Moonlight show is just a plethora of plot holes! I love it! It gives me something to blog about like EVERY WEEK.

Ok, this week's main plot was irritatingly contradictory. Two weeks ago the rule was established that the way you are 'turned' into a vampire is by drinking a vampire's blood. Well this week, they brought out a new human drug made of, you guessed it, vampire's blood. There is no explanation as to why this doesn't turn any of the people who drink it, though we are left to assume that the silver (which is poisonous to vampires in this branch of the mythos) in the mixture somehow voids that basic rule. So not exactly completely a plot hole, but enough of a 'gee let's just make up the rules as we go along' item that it's irritating.

Another vampire 'fact' that has been established is that they cannot eat human food. Why they can't is never explained, but it has come up in multiple episodes that often vampires pine for the food they enjoyed when they were human. If this were simply a case of the food doing them no good, logic dictates that they could still enjoy the food, eat it, pass it, whatever, even if they couldn't get anything from it, but no, we are told that they cannot eat it. Dumb rule if you ask me (esp. since it contradicts all other vampire mythos I have seen, though I will admit I am no expert), but ok. It is often shown that Mick won't even drink coffee or the like. However, near the end of this week's episode, Mick is seen drinking some alcoholic beverage and sharing it with his vampire friend. Um, if you can't eat human food or drink human drink, when did alcohol become ok? Another handy rule made up on the spot? And don't tell me it was fermented blood, because this stuff was the color of apple juice, not even looking like red wine, so forget that.

Knitting addiction and catching up

First, let's catch up. I did ok on the GRE. Got a 680 on the verbal, and I only needed a 500 for the program I'm trying to get into, so I think I'm good. Hooray! I won't mention my computational score. It's horrifically embarrassing, esp. for someone who took calculus in college for an easy 'A'.

Otherwise, I'm in a knitting frenzy lately. I keep buying yarn and making stuff with it. The Christmas projects I can excuse, even though I committed myself to too many of them. But every time I see a baby lately I feel compelled to knit them little fruit hats like this one pictured here. And why, yes, it IS pictured on a cute little kitty! So my hands are cramping up from too much knitting. But it's so ding-danged compelling. Look, ma, I made my own material into something cute, just from this piece of string!