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Monday, June 05, 2006

My Super Cool Aunt

OK, sometimes I just have to brag. I have some pretty darned cool relatives. Does it count as bragging when you know that you yourself ain't worth much, but you're just pleased as punch to have relatives as cool as this? I hope that link holds out for a while, because that's just so ding-dang cool. My aunt is the coolest school librarian EVAR!!! Though how much that honors her to shout that in grammatically incorrect net-speak, I don't know. ;)


Katie Parker said...

Hey Dy--

I just saw this post and read the article about your super cool aunt. We definitely need more "Mrs. Dittmers" in our schools! What a difference she's been making with these kids. Way to go, "super cool aunt!"

By the way, Dyany, how are you??

Anonymous said...

Dyany. Can't see article. Do you have another link? Or a copy you could post? I just saw her for Thanksgiving and was referred to your website to read this article. Doesn't anybody keep important papers around anymore? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Can't see article. Have you a copy you can post? Thanks.

Dyany said...

Argh I was afraid the article would become defunct. I will see if I can find a copy to post.