My ultra-boring life

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Fambly reunion

Note who looks happy in this photo.

This is my nephew Isaac flying a kite.

We played games till the wee hours of the morning....

My niece Allison is such a great tea hostess!

3 kites! Can you see them all?

Another game. Please note, we didn't pose. These are actual photos of how my family really acts.

We had a family reunion in Oklahoma for the holidays. It was a lot of fun, though my family is a little...ahem....WEIRD.

This is my nephew Ammon. I have decided that he is one of the cutest babies EVAR. He is being held by my sister Brittany.


Mark Dittmer said...

Hey Dyany ... good to see pictures of everybody. Good luck with your kitchen show. Hope all else is well ... I have a new once-removed cousin, it sounds like? Well, I probably have more new once-removed cousins than that; I didn't make it to the Utah family reunion to keep track. Say hi to everybody. --mark

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