My ultra-boring life

Friday, October 07, 2005


This is a blog about blogging. Mostly because I really haven't anything else to say, but I want to say something just to get something posted. I guess there are a few things I COULD say, but I won't, because they are too personal or they might be hurtful to someone or whatnot. Hence the nature of blogging. I've heard blogs also called 'online journals', but I can't imagine this being anything like a journal. Journals, while meant to be read sometime by someone, are mostly private things. Blogs by definition are talking to the whole world, so you just can't say anything you want without risking some sort of repurcussions. For instance, I can totally talk about how awesome Reese's Big Cups with Nuts are and how they need to be on the market all the time. Whee. Innocuous, but fairly impersonal. But if I wanted to talk about how a certain ex-coworker of mine is a lying, backstabbing lazy jerk who couldn't run a network well if his life depended on it, well, I'd have to be very careful, because it might get back to him. I could (and, okay, I probably did) discuss such things ad nauseam in my REAL journal, but I won't discuss them here. Because saying everything that pops into our head or baring our emotions like nudists never helped anybody. Someday, though, if you want some dirt, and if you are very nice to me, I have some journals I'll let you read. All for the low, low price of wading through adolescent pinings over some television character or another. :b

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I don't know why I'm even bothering to post this. Every other blogger, webcomic, and webaholic out there has most likely seen and loved the movie. I really can't add anything to what has been said. But I feel like I NEED to say something about it, like it enhances my pleasure more to proclaim to the world that this is an AWESOME MOVIE. Kind of like the same part of me that gets mad when I read reviews from morons who didn't like it. The fight scenes were good and the humor was good and the surprises were truly shocking, but most of all I enjoyed how tight the scripting was. The viewer was brought to speed without unnecessarily painful exposition, questions were answered in logical, well-paced ways, and everything seemed to have a point and be well character-driven. I loved it. Even my husband, the frequent nay-sayer, loved it (which thrills me. I've always received 10 times the enjoyment when it's shared). So, if you haven't seen it, go and see it (though be aware it does get pretty violent). It's awesome. I want, no, I NEED to go and see it again. If not for my own enjoyment and edification, then for the sequels. We must ensure sequels.