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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Volunteering & SCIENCE

If any of y'all are in the Boise, Idaho area and are the least bit interested in science, you should come on down to the Discovery Center on Tuesdays between 9 and 1. I volunteer there during that time and it's a kick in the pants hands-on science museum. Right now we have lots of little robots and cool things like that. I work with great people down there and the exhibits are great, even though the museum is extremely small compared to other science museums I have seen. I really like the work, too, I'm on a demo team that teaches stuff to classes that come in. Though I have to admit that part of the reason I signed up is so I could play with the exhibits a lot. ;)

Which reminds me that I need to go get ready to go. I'm still fighting the depression and anxiety and even though I love being down there when I'm there, I'm always filled with dread at the thought of leaving my house. Anyone else get anxiety like that? I really have to force myself into commitments or else I'd be in the house watching TV and playing games or surfing the internet all day, hiding from things I 'should' be doing. BLEAH!!! I want to be functional again already!


Just so you know, if you're looking for good, cheap DVD-Rs, leave Velocity brand off your list. I got a pack of 100 8x for like $30 from Amazon and I thought it was a great deal until I started burning -- or trying to burn -- with them. At least 1/3, more like 1/2, end up being bad. I have NO problems with the DVD RWs or other DVD Rs I try, so I know it's not my burner. Bleargh.

States I've been to (and a cool website too)

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The places I've been to are in red. Pretty cool site, eh? My goal is to visit ALL the states. Especially New England. Between that and visiting the real England, I've got a lot of travelling to catch up on!